What is Social Media Strategy?

There is no one-size-fit-for-all social media strategy. This means what works for others might not work for you.

This is not limited to social media marketing only. Every marketing strategy works the same way – Custom designed plan.

A marketing strategy tailored to meet YOUR business needs is the only strategy that will work for you. Although all of this sounds very obvious, many businesses fail to develop a personal approach. There may be many reasons behind this, including the marketing team you hire, the scope of work defined initially, or the bigger picture that you can see and not the employees.

Then it all boils down to the question – what is the perfect social media strategy?

To answer that question, we will first have a quick rundown on some stats.

Some Social Media Stats

There are over 2.7 billion active users on Facebook as we speak.

YouTube has around 2 billion people logged in currently.

Instagram gained its fast popularity and now has 1 billion people sharing their food pics there.

Then we have other platforms that have not yet reached the “Billion” users figure. Including Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and others.

The thing about Instagram (people sharing their food pics) was just the beginning of Instagram. It was a trend that quickly became a reason for youth to move on Instagram. Then they added filters, then more visual elements, and then it reached Billions.

We all know about YouTube and why people are there. Facebook is also a place that is now a whole different world.

The purpose of discussing these stats before sharing the working social media marketing strategy is clear.

It is to acknowledge the overwhelming crowd that will see your content when you share it.

Of course, we are already aware of that. We don’t live in caves.

Yeah, that’s right! That is why so many businesses fail in developing a good marketing strategy for their social media followers.

Here is a list of some social media marketing strategies that are extracted from all the Social Media Marketing Experts’ guides.

Social Media Marketing Strategies For 2023

  1. Share Your Bigger Picture with the Team
  2. Acknowledge the Shortcomings
  3. Identify your Target Audience
  4. Keep an Eye on the Competitors
  5. Relatable Content
  6. Include Some Social Cause
  7. Instant Customer Support

Share Your Bigger Picture With The Team

Business owners often manifest some strategy in their minds. They can clearly see their objectives and goals being achieved with that strategy. What they don’t do is to share the same with their subordinates or employees. Or even if they do, they don’t convey their thoughts the way it was supposed to be. For a successful social media strategy, you need to share those ideas with your team and let everyone come up with their own ideas to carry out that task. This way, you will not only have diverse approaches but also your team will be highly motivated. Their active participation is the key to make your strategy work.

Acknowledge the Shortcomings

For a social media strategy to work, you need to identify the areas where you are weak. If someone owns a company that makes Paints and they lack creativity, it’s a big problem. But there are solutions to every problem. They can, no, they SHOULD hire a team of creative designers that can do all the creativity for them. Social media encompasses several approaches to be on top of the list. You cannot succeed in social media marketing if you don’t have the expertise in all business areas. To create a wow factor in your marketing, you need to master the art of overcoming weaknesses. It all comes down to timely identify all your shortcomings and then re-evaluate your approach.

Identify your Target Audience

This part of the social media strategy is the most important one. Identifying the target audience is not an easy task. It can take considerable time. However, many online tools can now help you with doing this important job. One identification of the target audience is that which we have in our mind. For example, A newspaper agency owner will already know that who will buy their newspaper the most. But this is social media. You never know the actual market unless you roam around in it with the people’s perspective. You need to begin by first having an analysis of your followers and potential followers on Social media. This will already shortlist a large segment of people that may be interested in your product or service. Every social media platform has a unique categorization. Trends of social media can vary significantly from platform to platform.

Not all your target audience may be on a single social media platform. They are scattered all over the internet. Looking up for different things. Consuming social media differently. This is, however, a great opportunity. Yes, this diversity of people’s choice bounds you to be more diverse and creative. But in the end, you can gather a lot of crowd on your business website – if social media marketing is done right.

Keep an Eye on The Competitors

In 2023, there is no way that you don’t check up on your rivals every single day. And for some businesses, this interval may come down to an hourly basis. By staying vigilant, you can easily keep track of what will happen shortly (not some charms or future telling). You need to find out what trend will be dominating the internet in the coming year, month, or week. And this can be found out by dwelling among those who are in competition with you. This can generate tons of new ideas. You can also find out what you were doing wrong. Notice how it is written “what you were doing wrong” instead of “what you are doing wrong”. Because in social media marketing, it is presumed that the business owner will be smart enough to rectify their errors on the “then and there” basis.

Competitors can give you motivation for something that you were too lazy to work on. Competitors also provide real-time analysis of the market that you are working in. In social media, it is effortless to keep track of what your different competitors are doing at any given moment. Therefore, no one must ignore the activities of their rivals (specially on the internet)

Relatable Content

Social media is all about repeatability now. We have seen an uttermost evolution of the memes in the past few years. Why memes suddenly became so popular? Because there was nothing but cognitive repeatability there. The best entertainment in the world is when you can relate to it. That is what happened with memes. They were random situations, and everyday difficulties turned humorous and made relatable.

Similarly, if the content that you produce for your social media marketing is not relatable to the audience – you are in trouble. People want their interest highlighted by their favorite brand. Oh, and by the way, a brand becomes a favorite when it resonates with our vibes. Keeping an eye on the current trends and recognizing the most relatable one can be challenging. But doing the same thing over and over makes it simple. Social media can either make or break your image within a few minutes. And that is why it is better to create content that can always uplift your audience. It is also crucial to keep everything neutral and unbiased in your marketing campaign to stay in a positive circle.

Include Some Social Cause

2023 is the year where everyone is going to be highly aware of their surroundings. It is already the case, but each year it gets more intense. People are aware of their rights and duties. People care for the environment and appreciate those who take some initiatives for the social cause. On social media, you can grab many followers by starting some campaigns to improve anything that is corrupted. For example, you can just run a “hashtag” about any problem related to your business for starters.

If the same is done in real life, the better. People like companies that promote education. Businesses who use the strategy of ‘educating their audience’ to promote their brand have higher chances of success.

Instant Customer Support

 No, we are not talking about chat bots who are good for nothing. People today want everything instantly and spontaneously. Chat-bots are useful for the instant part but fail badly at spontaneity. Although there has been a significant improvement in the AI algorithms of the chat bots. Still, they are not as efficient as humans. An excellent social media strategy is where your customers can approach human customer support instantly.

The Take-Away

There is a lot more to it than just these seven strategies. When you have a proper follow-up of the basics, which this guide provides, you can develop your own custom-made social media strategies. This guide is a starter pack for those who want to make their name in the world of social media. It is, by all means, merely a collection of the most sought-after trends of social media. If something doesn’t work out for you, maybe you are not doing it right. Or perhaps that is not the right thing, to begin with. As we mentioned in the beginning that not every strategy works for every business. This, however, can only be learned after experimenting with all the possible approaches. 

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