The entire concept of branding would be nothing without the existence of logos. Brands need to have an identity or mark that can easily identify them. A brand is what it signifies and it needs to be distinguished from other brands in the same category. Logos accomplish this purpose. Branding has become a vital part of marketing strategies. Companies invest a huge amount to come up with an effective logo design that can turn into a brand identity. We all know that logos play a very important part in branding, but do we understand why?

Here’s how industry-specific logos can help create a brand identity

You need to design a logo keeping in mind the target audience. A logo has to be identifiable among others in the same category. When designing a logo, you need to take everything into consideration including colors, fonts, shape, etc. The logo should have signed with the product or services provided by brands so that customers can easily relate to the brand. It also helps when it comes to brand recognition among the target audience.

Industry-specific logos are designed in such a way that they can easily communicate what brands do or provide in their services. They also help when it comes to brand recognition, just like other business logos.

Having a logo that speaks for your brand is a win in today’s competitive marketing world. A logo design that is industry-specific and relevant will never fail to attract the right prospects for you. If you are looking for ways to design your industry-specific logo, you are just in the right place at the right time. And that is what matters the most.

The following headings present nine tried and tested ways to come up with industry-specific logo designs for your industry.

Keep it consistent
Incorporate Textures
Minimalism is always in style
Customer Research
Explore your imagination
Mix it up
Use relevant colors
Be creative, not just original
Incorporate relevant photos

Keep It Consistent

A logo design that is simple, relevant, and consistent will always be relevant across all platforms. The simpler the design, the more relevant it becomes. Make sure you are designing a logo for reading on small devices too. Use symbols or icons rather than words to make it relevant across different languages or cultures.

Incorporate Textures

The use of texture is relevant for food, car, home decoration, and construction industry logos where there is a need to evoke a feeling or sensation through logo designs. The texture should be relevant to the industry it represents. For example, rough textures would represent hard materials like stone or metal while a smooth feel may represent luxury goods like silk scarves.

Minimalism Is Always In Style

Minimalism has always been relevant when speaking about logo design since it’s easy to read across digital platforms that are getting smaller every day. This gives minimalistic logos a relevant edge over other designs. The best way to ensure this is by keeping the design as minimalistic as possible.

Customer Research

This is one of the most important parts of coming up with a relevant idea for your logo design. It involves understanding what your customers are looking for when they buy from you. This will help you understand which concept would win over customers’ hearts at first sight.

Explore Your Imagination

Once it has been decided which USP or customer need will drive the new logo design, it’s time to explore the unique logo design ideas. Many experts suggest using a personal library of unique logo designs which you have designed earlier too for inspiration. You can also use unique fonts, colors, symbols, or abstract elements to come up with relevant logos that will suit your needs.

Mix it Up

The right blend of typography and art is important to create a relevant logo design for your brand. Use typography as the most dominant element in your logo design because customers are attracted towards originality rather than something new unless it’s truly unique and innovative like an original idea.

Use relevant colors

Colors are the first thing that your customers will see before they even notice your logo design. Make sure you choose relevant colors for the logo design. The right choice of color can make or break a design too. It should be relevant to the industry and brand it represents.

Be Creative, Not Just Original

Do not just stop at relevant designs when it comes to designing a relevant industry-specific logo from scratch. Get creative with typography, colors, relevant images, and relevant art to make it more appealing to look at. This is what sets apart relevant logos from original ones in the long run even if the latter is truly unique and innovative like an original idea.

Incorporate relevant photos

Adding relevant photos in logos has become prominent with the use of technology in recent years. A unique photo can convey a relevant message to your customers when used correctly in a logo design. Make sure it’s relevant though because using an irrelevant image will weaken the appeal of the brand instead of strengthening it.

Hire a LogoVent’s Industry-specific Logo Designer Today!

If you want to save yourself from all the hassle and still get a logo design that satisfies all the above-mentioned elements, you will need a professional logo designer. We understand there are many logo designing services out there you might want to try. But again, since time is of the essence and you don’t want to experiment with your logo. The best you can do in this regard is to hire a tried and tested LogoVent Logo Designer who will incorporate all the essential elements into your logo and make it industry-specific. 

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