When it comes to creating a logo for your company, it’s important to make sure that it reflects the values and identity of your business. However, many entrepreneurs and small business owners may be tempted to use online logo-maker tools to save time and money. While these tools can be a quick and easy option, they may not provide the quality and uniqueness that a professionally designed logo can offer. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why you should not use online logo-maker tools for your company’s logo, including issues with design quality, lack of originality, and lack of control over the final product.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Logo!

A logo is not just the company’s name printed on its products. It is an identity; it’s how people will remember your company.

How many times have you forgotten to write down the name of that shop or restaurant but remembered their unique logo?

The reason why you can do that is that the logo is what you will remember. Even if people can’t recall your name, they will recall your logo.

Companies spend a lot of money designing their logos, and companies like Coca-Cola or Nike invest millions of dollars each year to keep up with their image. Logos are important parts of any company; they help the customers to identify the brand. The logo is etched in people’s memory, showing people what type of products you bring to them. People easily recognize Apple’s apple symbol or Google’s unique logo.

The Online Logo Makers – Your Deal Breakers!

Since making logos has become easy with the help of free online logo makers, why should you choose a professional graphic design company? The answer is simple: Quality!

What do you expect when you use an online tool?

You will get hundreds or thousands of unique logos for your selection. But, the thing is that even if you choose one from all those logos, it would be difficult to get your money back if you run into problems with it. Suppose the online logo maker can give you a good logo but can it provide you with a great one?

Furthermore, if such a tool could aid you in making a great logo, why do so many companies spend hundreds of dollars for their logos and, in some cases, thousands?

If you are curious about how a logo is designed, read our blog “How To Design A Logo?

The complexity of the design matters!

An online logo maker might need help with features like special effects or intricate designs. They are simple for a professional graphic designer.

If there was such an easy way to create logos, why is it so hard for people with little knowledge of graphic design to make successful logos? By saying “little knowledge in graphic designing,” we mean people who aren’t professional designers or haven’t studied graphics.

What about the free fonts and images?

The exclusive freebies you get from a logo maker tool don’t help much. They can do more harm!

For example, if you use a font that doesn’t go well with the rest of the text, it might confuse people. The whole concept of your logo will be lost because a few characters don’t fit in. Similarly, if an image is unsuitable for the design, it would spoil all your efforts in creating a unique logo.

What about the template logos?

You might think that even though it is better to go for professional services, you can still use the templates to get started and see if your business idea needs an identity.

This, too, is risky!

The reason why people pay so much for their logos is the fact that these logos are uniquely created for their businesses. Designers can do it because they have seen hundreds of clients’ business models and know where to start.

If your business is new, you might not be able to give enough information about it or convey what you need in a logo; this is why templates won’t help you.

The free online tools might be good for fun, and it’s still better than nothing, but they won’t fulfill your logo’s main purpose.

Professional Logo Design Companies

Using Professional Logo Design Services or a company will give you quality, uniqueness, and, most importantly, a money-back guarantee.

If they fail to deliver what you expected, they will either do it for free or give you all your money back.

This shows the level of confidence and trust they have in their services. They know how important a good logo is for a business, and since they value the logo as much as their clients, they must pay attention to giving out a high-quality service to them. If you are serious about your business, you should take it seriously too.

And if you have decided to hire an expert for your logo, make sure you read our blog “Top 9 Benefits Of Hiring An Expert Logo Designer.


So, looking for a company with the best expertise is better than using an online logo maker.

Are you still searching for free online logos?

If so, then simply do not go for them because there is no such thing as “something is better than nothing.” To create a professional logo, you need an Experienced Graphic Designer who knows colors, fonts, symbols, etc. Moreover, suppose your company is not already famous. In that case, it will be difficult for people to recognize your logo unless it stands out among others, and that’s almost impossible to pull off from such online logo-maker tools.

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