Digital Media is an ever-evolving industry. It will keep on getting better every year. To fully understand digital marketing, we need to understand contemporary trends. The existing trends of marketing in this domain. 

Since the internet became mainstream media, many companies have gone out of business. Sounds strange, right? The reason? They couldn’t adapt accordingly. Digital marketing is not something where you survive on your own rules. It forces everyone to either adapt to the latest trends or create one. Trendsetters are always fewer. While the followers of trends are in great numbers, and that’s the beauty of Trends.

We will now focus on contemporary and upcoming trends in Digital Marketing. These trends are not new but rather only the latest forms of the prevalent dominating trends. Read on to find out what we mean.

Here Are the Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends of 2023

  1. Customization
  2. Social Media Platforms
  3. SEO vs PPC
  4. Voice Activated Systems
  5. Minimalist Designs
  6. Omnichannel Consumerism
  7. Chatbots are going to Be More Interactive
  8. Compulsory Ads
  9. Video Content
  10. Everything is Branded


As we see advancements in Digital marketing, it can be observed that every other ‘app’ tends to be more personal now. While apps are not evolving in their primary function, they keep adding more features that focus on ‘customization.’ This can easily be understood by only looking at the ‘Dark mode’ trend rapidly overtaking all the apps. Facebook, Whats App, Gmail, and even your browsers have enabled this Dark mode feature to make the user experience more customizable or personal. In general, this trend doesn’t look like something that can drown your business if you don’t adopt it, but actually, it does. And no one has taken that risk so far.

Most human-computer interaction is now through mobile phones. Everything we do on our phones is through apps. And those apps are getting more and more personal. As a user, it doesn’t even make any difference. Creating something that can be personalized is a tough challenge for a business owner. You have to balance your originality while offering this customization.

Social Media Platforms

When we talk about Social Media platforms, the first one that will be discussed until the end of 2030 will be Facebook. Not because it is the most dominating one (It’s not), but because we all have seen the peak of this platform. Now we are also seeing its decline. Facebook gained popularity faster than any other Digital marketing trend. But very soon, it lost its distinct feel. They are not even at fault because they adopted almost every latest trend.

The one thing that Facebook could not care about had that one distinct feature that could make it stand out from the rest. For example, Instagram and Snapchat became readily acceptable because of their dominant visual element. YouTube was and still is the biggest Video Hub that provides a premium video broadcasting market. Twitter can’t lose its audience because celebrities and influencers are there with their ‘real’ accounts. At the same time, Facebook has become a place where controversies originate. At least, those who are ‘Woke’ believe it to be true. The fact that Facebook is consumed by 46% of people who are 65 years old is also something that creates a lot of trouble for the stakeholders. The youth is more into Instagram and other, more visually dominating platforms.

And before continuing, let us tell you that a logo is a vital component of social media platforms. See our blog post “How Long Should A Logo Design Take?” for more information on how to achieve that.


Google is proven to make more money in times of recession. When every other business goes down, Google still goes up. The reason: you can advertise your business on Google and multiply your revenues under challenging times, just like Covid-19. During the first wave of Covid-19, companies started heavier marketing campaigns to stay in the limelight. However, organic SEO is a gradual and time taking strategy and will always remain the same way, perhaps. When you go for Pay Per Click, you not only skip all that are waiting period but also increase your chances of gaining more authority in the market.

While a regular user doesn’t even understand how SEO works and why you see the organic links above more than the other ones, this battle between organic and paid content marketing is of no competition. SEO vs. PPC is no match. Pay Per Click will always bring more money faster. At the same time, SEO will work its way organically and by battling through Google’s Algorithms.

Now we move towards technologies that have been there for a long time. But we will see more of their usage in 2023. Devices are getting smarter and smarter, and this flood of convenience is making people more technology-dependent. The surge of technological advancement is not new. Still, every day a new algorithm is introduced to optimize the existing technology.

Voice Activated Systems

Although we are already seeing too many devices encompassing voice command activation, 2023 will be flooded with such systems. Every other app will have some dedicated features to cater to this trend, as they did with the “Dark mode.” Further optimizations are expected in this area to make the devices more accurate in voice recognition. Voice professionalization, such as security and privacy features, is also on the way.

If you are opting to hire a freelancer, we have great advice. To be certain about price ranges, read our blog post How Much Should A Freelancer Charge For A Logo Design?

Minimalist Designs

Minimalism in branding is also a trendy concept. However, depending on the reduced attention spans, this design segmentation is here to stay. In 2023, minimalism in websites, new and existing apps, marketing material, and even written content can be highly expected. We already see the top Blogs being very blunt and to the point. But in the future, everyone has to adopt this sense of minimalist approach in their designs. This trend can cause difficulties for those businesses that rely on educating the public with detailed content. People tend to prefer shorter materials now, which will further increase in the coming years.

Omni-channel Consumerism

With increasing consumerism and consumerism transforming into hyper-consumerism, people need more ways to interact with their favorite brands. While many big brands have already made their services omni-channel, there are still more ways to explore. And brands that are still relying on old-school marketing techniques and based on their limited sources will have to adapt to survive in the Digital Marketing world.

Chat-bots are going to be more interactive

AI and Digital Marketing go hand in hand. This could sound very strange from a decade ago. Still, now we see a lot of utilization of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing. Chatbots are the most common example of AI in action. As more people want their interactions to be through messages and/or emails, chatbots will be there for them. Most people today avoid human interaction through voice calls or other means. They feel comfortable chatting with whoever is on the other end. Chatbots are going to be further interactive and spontaneous in 2023.

Compulsory Ads.

When ads started to pop up in YouTube videos for the first time, people were quite annoyed about them. Gradually those ads became usual, and then after some time, multiple ads started to pop up. Now we see some ads that cannot be skipped. Similar is with the free apps that we use. We see ads there all the time, and we know that they can’t be ignored, and still, we are not that much annoyed. Take smartphone games, for example; to revive your character in the game, you need to watch an ad of 30 seconds to 1 minute, and you are okay with it. 2023 is going to be more flooded with non-stoppable ads.

Video Content

We all know how important video content has become in the past few years. But the fact that all the content that is marketed, the video, has taken a massive portion of it. There is going to be no escape from video content in the years to come. A brand can only survive by making use of video content in 2023.

Everything is Branded

Branding has become the air and water of today’s digital world. For good recognition and following, even an influence has to become a Brand. People hardly follow those who are organic and against brands. The reason is you can flaunt it. And what can’t be exhibited is going to be out of the market. Brands compete with each other, but now their match is with their previous strategies. This can be seen by merely observing some of the massive digital marketing campaigns.

Bottom Line

Whatever trends that emerged in 2021 were immensely suppressed because of the current Pandemic. Suppose this continues to stay in 2023 (which no one wants anymore). In that case, there will be very limited innovations in the current trends. The other possibility is that people will be habitual of it, and all the hustle and bustle will coexist with the Corona Virus. But suppose there is any chance of this Virus completely vanishing in 2023. Then, we will see a surge in all digital marketing trends. The trends that were postponed or suppressed because of the Virus.

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