Introduction to the concept of logos:

Logos are visual images of the combination of symbols and text, that provide identification to a specific business. Moreover, it presents the complete picture of a business to the customers in need. We are covering all the aspects of the history of logos.

A great logo displays what the business does and its values. Logo design usually consists of a brandmark, symbol, and tagline.

Types of logos:

There are many types of logos in the industry. We have just made a detailed table below by gathering statistical data available. This will help the business owners and people who are looking for what type of logo suits their business.

#Logo TypesRevolutionExamplesIndustry SpecificSimpleVersatileRelevancyMemorableTimeliness
1The emblem1960NFL, BMW, STARBUCKSPublic Agencies, Sports Teams, Schools, Automobile Industry3515152015
2Brand Mark1915APPLE, SHELL, TWITTERSome big brands like Apple, Honda Twitter, Facebook302052520
3Abstract Logo Marks1870PEPSI, WINDOWS, MITSUBISHIPublic Agencies, Food & Beverages, the Fashion industry1010302525
4Dynamic Marks1898INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN, NASASocial Networking Sites, News Channel, Courier Services1020202525
5Combination Marks1967PUMA, BURGER KING, MASTER CARDApparel Industry, Food & Beverages, Beauty Products1520302525
6Initial Word Mark1903NETFLIX, WORDPRESS, UNILIVERSports Channels, Food & Beverages, Electronic Appliances2020202020
7Wordmark Logos (Logotypes)1876FEDEX, GOOGLE, COCACOLAPublic Agencies, E-Wallets, E-Commerce2520202015
8Lettermarks (Monograms)1968IBM, CNN, EA SPORTSTV Channels, Games Developers, Food And Beverages2520252010
9Mascots1898KFC, WENDYS, PRINGLESSports Clubs, PC Games, Child Care, Security Companies, Food, And Beverages1010203525
10Pictorial2007WWF, SNAPCHAT, DROPBOXGadgets, Symbols, Social Networking Sites2015153020
All Logo Types Table

Detailed Property Stats

Below is the detailed property stats, each logotype with its percentage of the property acquired.

The emblem logo has the highest simplicity ratio, on the other hand, mascot logos are easy to memorize.

Logo Property Stats

The Emblem logos

Emblem logos

In the industry, few of the logos use words for example brand name or initials. Others use images or symbols. Whereas emblem logos use both to create the finest display.

Emblem logos have a specific domain. Most of them are round as used in stamps, and seals to get it personalized. A few of the emblem logos also use mascots but not at an advanced level.

Emblem Logo Of BMW

Color CodesBlack (#000000), White (#FFFFFF) and Rich Electric Blue (#009ADA)
DesignerBayerische Motoren Werke AG
StoryIconic blue-and-white inner circular quarters originated as a representation of the State of Bavaria’s official colors. However, the pattern within BMW’s logo displays those colors in an inverted order because back when the logo was first created, the local trademark law of the era banned the use of the state’s coats of arms and other related “symbols of sovereignty” in commercial insignias.
Net Worth$7.89 – $45.97
Launch Year1927
Times Upgraded6

Below is the chart that more clearly displays the emblem design property.

Emblem Chart

Brand Mark

Brand Mark Logos

A brandmark is an entity, symbol, or identity that helps to identify a specific company. It would be great if one should build a positive image of the brand over the internet.

Brand Mark Logo Of Apple

Color CodesDark greyish blue (#A2AAAD)
DesignerRob Janoff
StoryThe apple represents knowledge and the falling fruit that led Isaac Newton to discover the gravity concept.
Net Worth$100.00
Launch Year1977
Times Upgraded6

Below is the chart that more clearly displays the brandmark design property

Brand Mark Chart

Abstract Logos

Abstract Logos

An abstract logo is the visual display of the brand or company through any symbol, design, or unique icon. They are one of the most popular logos as they are opted by most famous organizations. 

Abstract Logo mark Of Windows

ShapeWave Window
Color CodesBlue (#00A4EF)
DesignerScott Baker
StoryThe metaphor elegantly symbolizes the metaphor for computing. You may also notice that the current version of the logo is slanted. This is because the brand wanted to celebrate the concept of windows in perspective.
Net Worth$15.33
Launch Year1977
Times Upgraded6

Below is the chart that more clearly displays the Abstract Logo property

Abstract Logo Marks

Dynamic Marks Logos

Dynamic Marks Logos

It is a type of logo that defines the company mark that kept on changing unless it reveals the literal meaning, look and feel of the brand. Nowadays most of the tech giants are adopting this transformation as it sounds evolving.

Dynamic mark of LinkedIn

ShapeCircle and a rectangle with initials
Color CodesBlue (#0E76A8)
DesignerPaul D. Hunt
StoryThe black, blue, and white color palette of the logo represented the professionalism, seriousness, and reliability of the web portal.
Net Worth
Launch Year2003
Times Upgraded3

Below is the chart that more clearly displays the Dynamic Marks property

Dynamic Marks Chart

Combination Marks Logos

Combination Marks Logos

It’s a combination of text and images/icons. It clarifies the company name to the targeted audience through the branding message it delivers.

Combination Mark Of PUMA

ShapeLeaping Puma with text
Color CodesRed (#E63129)
DesignerLutz Backes
StoryAlways looks to do better
Net Worth
Launch Year1979
Times Upgraded13

Below is the chart that more clearly displays the Combination Marks property.

Combination Marks Chart

Initial Word Mark Logo

Initial Word Mark Logos

It is a type of logo that is much similar to a wordmark but it more depends on the brand’s name. it is composed of fonts with different styles.

Initial word mark of Netflix

Color CodesRed (#E63129)
DesignerNew York-based design firm called Gretel
StoryOur primary logo is Netflix Red on a black background. This is to create a premium cinematic feel as we continue to set the industry standard for original content.
Net Worth
Launch Year1997
Times Upgraded3

Below is the chart that more clearly displays the Initial Word Mark property.

Initial Word Mark Chart

Wordmark logos(logotypes)

Wordmark logos

Wordmarks are a type of logo that only consists of the initials of the brand name. It won’t include any of the graphics, symbols, or characters.

Wordmark Of Cocacola

Color CodesRed (#F40009)
DesignerDr. John S Pemberton
StoryRED: Passion, strength, power, love, energy. WHITE: Innocence, youth, peace, purity, humility. Coca-Cola only has a logotype. I mean that their signet is the curvy script and roll-off-the-tongue name.
Net WorthSaid to be among one of the most expensive logos around the globe.
Launch Year1886
Times Upgraded12

Below is the chart that more clearly displays the Wordmark logos property.

wordmark logo Chart

Lettermarks (Monograms) Logos

Lettermarks Logos

Letter marks are the type of logos concepts that are based upon the initials of the company or brand name. It’s also said to be a monogram.

Lettermark Logo Of IBM

Color CodesBlue (#006699), Black (#000000)
DesignerPaul Rand
StoryIndicate the speed and vibrancy of the company’s international business expansion
Net Worth
Launch Year1924
Times Upgraded4

Below is the chart that more clearly displays letter marks property.

Lettermarks (Monograms) Chart

Mascots Logos

Mascots Logos

Mascots are the type of logo that is based on illustrations or a type of cartoon character icon. It is used widely in the game industry while defining characters.

Mascot Logo Of KFC

ShapeLetters with the combination of character
Color CodesBlack (#006699), Red (#A3080B) , White (#FFFFFF) , Beige (#FFF1E2) , Beige (#F5D4B7)
DesignerLippincott & Margulies
StoryColonel Sanders founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant logo a mile away.
Net Worth
Launch Year1952
Times Upgraded6

Below is the chart that more clearly displays Mascots Logos property.

Mascots Logo Chart

Pictorial Logos

Pictorial Logos

The pictorial logo is a logo symbol composed of graphics used in it. The brand that owns a pictorial logo is established enough to display its true identity by just its logo format.

Pictorial Logo Of Dropbox

Color CodesCyan-blue (#3d9ae8)
DesignerDrew Houston
StoryAll Yours
Net Worth
Launch Year2008
Times Upgraded4

Below is the chart that more clearly displays the Pictorial Logos property.

Pictorial Logo Chart


This is the history of logos. The design of a logo is the ultimate display or, you can say a visual image of the brand. It presents the virtue of presenting a brand in the market to compete with its competitors. The company’s logo should be uniquely designed, as it may portray a brand identity. A logo brings you the concept of the business. It should be reflecting your business values. Moreover, it should be consisting suitable color themes to attract customers.

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